Prevention Starts Early

"Two people are walking along a river. They see a child drowning in the currents and manage to pull him out. As soon as the child is out of the water, they see another child drowning. And then another. After struggling to rescue dozens of children, one rescuer walks away.

'Where are you going? There are still more children drowning,' says her friend.

'I'm going upstream to stop these children from falling in the water,' she replies.

For all the discussions about the crime and violence in the Chicago metropolitan area, there is a point that's often overlooked: If we're serious about ending crime in our neighborhoods, we must stop more kids from falling into treacherous waters in the first place."

The quote above comes from a recent article in the Chicago Tribune which heralded Nurse-Family Partnership's preventative approach. NFP is a nurse-led, evidence-based public health program that helps transform the lives of vulnerable mothers and their children through nurse home visitations which improve pregnancy outcomes, child health and development, and economic self-sufficiency for eligible first-time parents - benefiting multiple generations.

This type of preventative, approachable, cost-effective and research-based method is crucial to youth violence prevention efforts such as Steps to Success. We are proud to partner with NFP and encourage you to learn more about NFP's services by clicking here.