How organizations can use Steps to Success Data

Many of the risk and protective factors that predict youth violence also predict other problem behaviors, like school dropout, substance use, mental health problems, and teen pregnancy. If you are a youth-serving organization in Far Northeast Denver, Steps to Success' neighborhood-level data will be useful for your organization! Access our data by downloading the Montbello Community Risk Assessment Report on the right side of this page.

First: Become familiar with the top 3 risk factors youth in Montbello face and the top 2 protective factors they have working in their favor.

  • Early & persistent problem behavior (risk)

  • Family conflict/family management problems (risk)

  • Friends engaging in problem behavior/weak social ties (risk)

  • Religiosity (protective)

  • Positive recognition in the family, community & school (protective)

Second: Ask yourself how these risk and protective factors align with your organization's mission.

Third: Take action! Use & add to our suggestions below.


Grants and Securing Resources

  • The data can be used in Request for Proposals that your agency creates and grant proposals you write to demonstrate need and community priorities.

  • The data can help your organization focus on specific issues that are relevant to the community.

  • Aid your organization in better determining what kind of additional resources you may need (and what you may have) to address community priorities.



  • Build partnerships that align with prioritized community needs.

  • Explore collaborative efforts with other organizations that utilize the same indicators.

  • Become a part of a unified, collective effort around interdependent community needs.


Meeting Community Needs

  • Create/enhance programming around the community priorities that align with your organization’s goals.

  • Shine a light on Montbello's root causes of youth violence.

  • Help your organization determine whether your objectives meet needs the community wants addressed.


Measuring Progress

  • Use the data to help set a baseline and measure the effects of your programs.


Increasing Engagement

  • Use the data to draw attention to your efforts.

  • Unite people from a variety of sectors around community priorities.

  • Integrate data about family life into your family outreach efforts.


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