Here are some of the programs we have helped set up in Montbello.

Each of these programs is evidence-based, matched to community needs and selected by community members.

Steps to Success Denver Montbello PATHS

Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS)

PATHS reduces aggression and behavior problems by promoting the development of social and emotional competencies in children during the elementary school age years. Proven outcomes include reduced aggression and problem behavior; improved social emotional outcomes; reduced classroom disruptions; increased academic achievement and engagement. As reported in Science magazine, the PATHS program has been proven to help build executive functions in children's developing brains. These skills are proven predictors of math and reading competence throughout a child's school career. In fact, they're more important to a child's school readiness than IQ scores. PATHS serves 6-11 year olds. This program is available in several Montbello Elementary schools, including Amesse Elementary, Greenwood Academy and Maxwell Elementary. 

Steps to Success Denver Montbello Strengthening Families


Strengthening Families 10-14 program is a 7-session parenting and youth skills program, designed to improve parenting and family management skills, with the long-term goal of reducing aggressive and hostile youth behavior, substance use, and other problem behaviors. Outcomes include reductions in youth substance initiation and use, and aggressive and hostile behavior, as well as improvements in parenting behavior. Strengthening Families 10-14 program serves parents and their 10-14 year old children at community or school settings. This program is taking place at several churches and schools in Montbello. Complete the form below to receive updates about the next session near you.

Steps to Success Denver Montbello Positive Family Support

Positive Family Support

Positive Family Support is a three-tiered, multi-staged program that is administered in the middle school setting. This program focuses on building collaborative relationships between the school and parents around student success. Parents are invited into a partnership to support their student by increased monitoring and positive behavior support. Proven outcomes include reduced alcohol and drug use; reduced delinquency and criminal behavior, depression, and emotional regulation. Positive Family Support serves 12-14 year olds and their parents/families. This program is available at Greenwood Academy.

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Steps to Success offers use of the Violence, Injury, Protection and Risk Screening Tool (VIPRS). This is a violence risk screening tool that is used to match youth at risk for violence to evidenced-based programs. Area health care clinicians at the Montbello Family Clinic, as well as school-based health clinics have been trained to use this tool during routine appointments to assess youth for their need for services.


Steps to Success has launched a community-wide Positive Recognition Campaign after hearing that youth didn’t always feel they were recognized for efforts they had made at school, home and in the community. In partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, Steps to Success launched its first awards night last April and provided 36 awards to children in the categories for behavior, growth and community service. This was followed by a Community Awards night in October that gave community members an opportunity to honor each other. A third awards night was held in April at the Boys and Girls Club – providing awards to 55 students. The overall goal is to change the culture and make acknowledging people second nature.

Steps to Success also supports these evidence-based programs offered by community partners.

Incredible Years

This program for pre-kindergarten children and their parents is funded by the Piton Foundation and supported by the nonprofit, Invest in Kids. It uses small group settings to treat children with conduct problems by enhancing social competence, positive peer interactions, conflict management strategies, emotional literacy and anger management. The program increases children’s problem-solving strategies, improves conflict management with peers and reduces oppositional behavior and aggression at home and school. Since 2012, 875 children and 65 parents have participated in the program, all showing statistically significant growth for the targeted indicators. Additionally, 76 teachers from four different schools have been trained and coached to implement the program.

Multisystemic Therapy and Functional Family Therapy

Both of these programs target youth that have had encounters with the juvenile justice system. The programs seek to enhance parenting skills and provide intensive family therapy to teens. The programs aim to promote pro-social behavior and decrease youth violence and other antisocial behaviors. Steps to Success is working with counselors and restorative justice staff of area schools to identify youth who may benefit from this intervention before they become further involved with the justice system.

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