Strengthening Families: Improving Relationships & Changing Lives

All parents, guardians and caretakers strive to keep their children safe, and it's not always easy. Young people need skills and support to resist the peer pressure that leads to risky behaviors. Studies show that Protective Parenting strengthens familial relationships and reduces conflict among family members. Making such family dynamics healthier leads to decreased levels of youth substance use and other risky behaviors.

Strengthening Families 10-14 program is a 7-session parenting and youth skills program offered by Steps to Success. The Strengthening Families program is designed to improve parenting and family management skills, with the long-term goal of reducing aggressive and hostile youth behavior, substance use, and other problem behaviors.

Outcomes include reductions in youth substance initiation and use, and aggressive and hostile behavior, as well as improvements in parenting behavior. The program serves parents and their 10-14 year old children at community or school settings.

Strengthening Families is offered for FREE and includes dinner and childcare at each session.

To enroll in an upcoming Strengthening Families session, please contact Shelli Brown at or 303-735-3655.