Share the Love

Last month, 18 outstanding Montbello community members were recognized at the Positive Recognition Community Awards ceremony surrounded by friends, family and neighbors. It was an evening filled with love, generosity and appreciation--truly a night to remember. In the spirit of the evening we would like to share some special messages for other outstanding Montbello community members:

To Andrew Stanfor: Mommy loves you - Sheana Catho

Savanna Sims for working hard at school, church and home. You're simply the best!!! Mommy is so proud of you :)

To Sheana Catholic for making more of an independent woman and showing/being a great role model - Julie Ibarra

In recognition of: Maya Jasmine Bishop, daughter of DPS educator Mali Tolman, for being awarded the Steps to Success Community Service Award at the ceremonies held the evening of October 3, 2014 at P.U.S.H. Academy. Congratulations, MAYA! - Mom

I want to thank my daughter and husband for being very supportive in what I do.

To Juliana Ibarra, thank you for coming into my life. Love, Sheana Catho

My wife is my rock (LaFonda Sagere). - Chuck Sagere

My husband Charles Sagere keeps my blessed. - LaFonda Sagere

My former boss, Michael Williams, is a ninja rockstar who has devoted so much time to putting students first, and has taught me so much in the ways of working for true happiness.

My friend, Jim McKenney is a great person and very positive in our school community. - Dawn Jackson :-)

My parents take care of me. - Amor McFadden

The Far Northeast Denver AmeriCorps VISTA team rocked the set-up for the Steps to Success Positive Recognition Community Awards! - Rachel Kennedy