2015-2016 Youth Grant Application

This fund is designed to support projects working directly with or directly benefiting at least ten Far Northeast Denver resident youth of middle or high school age.

Please be thorough, be specific, and proofread your typed responses. Applications are due by the 15th of each month. 

Contact Person: *
Contact Person:
Phone Number: *
Phone Number:
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Maximum $1,000
Not all projects indirectly serve youth. Indirectly served youth are those who benefit from a product created by other youth. For example, if a group of 12 youth create a performance and perform it for 100 youth in an audience. 12 would be directly served and 100 would be indirectly served.
C, above, divided by amount requested
Have you or this project received a Steps to Success Youth Grant in the past? *
7. Will youth be charged to participate in this program? *
Budget Table
Include expenses only for Far Northeast Denver residents of middle or high school age. Maximum Request: $1,000
Total Request
Budget Narrative
Explain how, specifically, you’ll be spending the money in each category listed in the budget and why expenses are necessary. If you are planning a significant purchase which is not the least expensive of its kind, please explain why you plan to use the more expensive item.
Provide the name and project role of every person listed on the budget. Describe the role each person will have on the project and provide a brief summary of duties and responsibilities. Please include the hourly rate and the qualifications of all personnel.
Provide a brief description of the requested materials/supplies and explain how the items will be used to accomplish the work on the project.
Provide a brief description of transportation costs and how transportation will be used to accomplish the work of the project.
Include the cost of each item and justification.